Foreign National Loan

This Loan Program is for foreign citizens who are looking to purchase a property or second home in the United States.

Foreign National Loan Requirements

The Foreign National Loan has very particular requirements compared to other typical programs. Learn more below to see if you can use this option when purchasing a property in the US.

Up to $2.5 Million

Loan values are permitted up to $2.5 Million USD.

No Credit Score

Borrower is not required to have a FICO score.

No Social Security Required

Borrower does not need a social security, green card or visa.

Overview of this Loan Program for Foreigners

This program permits non-permanent United States residents purchase an investment property or second home. This program is great for foreign citizens because it does not require a social security, visa or green card.

Furthermore, full documentation and/or asset qualification will help the borrower qualify for this program. There are 30 or 15 year fixed options for this product. And it is also available to self-employed borrowers.

Now, using this product is not solely for purchasing. It also can be used for refinancing or doing a cash out refinance on the property.

Additional Benefits of this Program

There are additional pros of going with this program when purchasing your home.

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