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Katherine Guerrero

Loan Officer - NMLS ID: 1889393

About me

I inspire people to follow their dreams and goals! Each day I embrace the never-ending journey to grow.

As a young Latin American, I am a decisive, passionate and driven young professional in the mortgage industry for over three years. I am constantly looking to advocate for my clients both in English and Spanish. As a 28 year old mortgage expert, I have carved out a niche for as an empathetic, family- focused lender. I am consistently striving for self-improvement and expressing my love of the Latino communities and cultures in my work.

I value authenticity and transparency while serving the Latin American and African American communities in my city. While I will work with anyone who needs me, my focus is in bringing the dream of home-ownership through to my culture. This is my passion, and the amazingly complex and sophisticated group of first generation Americans I am fortunate to help.

My vision is to help people achieve their goals while cutting out the confusing fluff. In fact, the idea is to prevent confusion throughout the whole loan process and simplify the industry speak or terminology with my clients.

Many of my clients speak multiple languages, so to penalize them for not having perfect English isn’t giving them the credit they deserve. These people are shaping the fabric of our community. They bring a flavor and a vibe all their own. I recognize this, and I understand that the most differentiating parts are the most important and I want to see these communities grow organically and without any roadblocks. As part of the American Dream, I believe everyone should have the opportunity to have homeownership and I can help achieve that goal.


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