Mariano Claudio

NMLS ID: 180303
VP of Emerging Markets City Lending Inc.
About me:
Mariano Claudio is a national leader and business innovator in the mortgage and related consumer services industries. During over 25 years as a Mortgage Banker entrepreneur, financier, and philanthropist, Mariano has devised and refined a proprietary enterprise development model with the mortgage markets at its epicenter. This Claudio Enterprise Model has been built through its relentless commitment to excellence in business and finance catalyzed by its ability to capture the intrinsic value of human bonds woven through solving problems and achieving goals for Claudio clients, customers, and business partners.

This Claudio Enterprise Model, fueled by its superior understanding of the consumer finance and real estate markets, is a multi-market platform unified through the human dynamics that drive the growth of the enterprise by its unique ability to evolve and adapt to fast-changing market conditions, complex public policy and regulatory developments, and cross-cultural demographic shifts, including being able to anticipate how these trends are likely to emerge, and thus, to have a forward-leading business approach to capitalizing on them.

Within these market, governmental, and consumer environments, Mariano and his enterprise have custom-designed technology solutions and promotional strategies to deliver a uniquely high-quality, economically efficient, and emotionally-satisfying end-user experience, in the mortgage markets, within itself a hybrid market of finance, real estate, and the personal pursuit of the American Dream.

Mariano resides in the Washington-area with his wife Paola and their children Valentina, Mateo and Matias and attends McLean Bible church.
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8133 Leesburg Pike suite 910

Licensed States
  • Florida
  • Maryland
  • Puerto Rico
  • Virginia
  • Washington



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