Feb 08 2022

Attention Mortgage Professionals: Build a Career You Love at City Lending

At City Lending, we strive to close loans while impeccably serving the diverse needs of our equally diverse clients. But with us, it’s not all about numbers, nor is it all strictly business; we owe our tremendous success to the relationships we’ve built with our customers, with top investors, and within our ever-expanding in-house team. Perhaps you’ll be a part of the City Lending family.

Work from wherever you wish as a City Lending team member

While we’re headquartered in the Washington metropolitan area, lots of our team members have fully remote positions. It’s a lesson many of us learned with the onset of the coronavirus: remote working has big benefits. To name a few of the pluses, flexible schedules give workers a better ability to balance their home lives and work lives, from more time with the kids to more time attending to personal needs such as errands and workouts. With remote working, you can say goodbye to stressful commutes as you gain valuable hours each week by cutting out travel time. And save money by reducing your transportation costs, along with reducing the costs of maintaining a professional wardrobe, paying for lunches out, and so much more. Being part of the City Lending team without losing your independence is a win-win for all.

We’re always on the lookout for loan officers

How do you feel about earning high compensation without having to uproot? For example, at City Lending, fully remote loan officers can set their own compensations, in the impressive range of 27 to 225 basis points. Enjoy the freedom of your own independent book of business along with the considerable resources of company provided leads as you originate home mortgages and refinance loans. If you can maintain professional relations, stay up on industry trends, and always put the customer first, a loan officer position with City Lending could be in your future.

Maybe you’re into marketing

If you’re looking to join a solid marketing team, look no further. The in-house crew at City Lending is dedicated to your success, working with you on strategies and proven methods for generating new leads. Our dedicated marketing support provides an array of tools to help you thrive in this position, from your own personalized landing page and assistance with content for social media posts, email and SMS campaigns, and blogs. Plus re-targeting and lookalike campaigns, all backed by tailor-made reports and the LeadGen suite of marketing tools.

Support You Can Count On

A workload will never be yours to shoulder alone; City Lending can lend a hand with the often-cumbersome paperwork, offering support from in-house processors and loan assistants who can handle the fine details, leaving you free to focus your time and energy on closing deals. Our help desk is second to none, providing assistance with structuring loans, loan scenario reviews, guideline and product questions and more. All with a 24-hour or less response time.

With cutting edge tech support, your personalized dashboard will receive real-time updates. Connect with mortgage professionals across the digital marketplace with Optimal Blue and the SimpleNexus homeownership platform, while Birchwood Credit Services give you rapid access to a range of valuable financial information. We pride ourselves on fast turnarounds of compliance reviews; you can expect our in-house team to go over your content and offer helpful feedback in under 48 hours. Maybe a position with in-house fulfillment support is right for you. If you’ve got the skills for in-house processing, underwriting, and handling an appraisal roster, it just might be.

Looking for something in sales?

We may have a spot for you. Mortgage sales recruiters with City Lending play key roles on the retail and corporate sides, placing candidates for positions including loan officers, sales managers, branch managers, and others. The key members on the sales team use their skills to network, developing and maintaining relationships with financial planners, real estate agents, builders, and others in fields related to the mortgage industry. If you’re passionate about serving people, you might keep an eye out for open positions that our growing sales roster may have.

What qualifications do you need to join the team?

That depends on the position you’re looking for. Loan officers, for example, are usually bilingual in English and Spanish and have three or more years of experience working in mortgage origination. Loan processors often have associate degrees or commensurate experience working in the field. Positions such as business developers could require a bachelor’s degree, but perhaps not if you’ve got significant experience working in the mortgage industry. Other jobs, say quality control analysts, usually go to people with bachelor’s degrees and five or more years’ experience in underwriting. We don’t look for team members who simply check the qualification boxes, but rather take a comprehensive approach to determine which job may be a good fit for which candidate. And perhaps that candidate will be you.

What are some of the benefits City Lending offers?

A comprehensive benefits package is just one of the big reasons that people join, and stay with, the City Lending family. Salaried employees can count on health insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance, as well as a health savings account, paid time off, and a 401(k) among the benefits you’ll enjoy.

Are you ready to grow with us?

At City Lending, we know a thing or two about growth. In only a few short years, we’ve expanded from just three employees to over 130 employees. People continually join our team to enjoy an agreeable work environment and generous benefits, working alongside seasoned mortgage pros who have helped to modernize the mortgage process to make it more streamlined and less stressful for both clients and employees. And our family might just have room for one more: you.

If you’re interested, we’re interested in having a chat with you. You can contact a recruiter today to talk about the possibility of joining the City Lending team.

These days, more and more people are looking to buy their dream homes, especially as remote work and work-from-home setups have become an enduring trend. A 15 point increase in requests for home tours and other home-buying services, along with a 11% rise in Google searches for homes, indicate an uptick in demand to buy houses in the country. However, there is a definite worry about affordability when it comes to housing, especially as hefty price tags on available residences have kept the market just as competitive as before, if not more.

According to the latest reports from analysts, it’s not all bad for existing homebuyers and aspiring house hunters. As previous data shows, timing matters in the housing market, and working on different approaches to home buying – like through a reliable lender – can help advance you towards more affordable housing goals. Below, we discuss whether house hunters should buy now or wait, and why.


What is your financial situation?

Counter to the rise in home demand, there is a considerable lack of supply. Along with rising prices and interest rates, the housing market may seem like a highly competitive space with wealthy homeowners fighting for what little property is left. It can be overwhelming, but knowing where you stand financially can help you better strategize your home buying journey. Following the four key components of affordability, ask yourself:

  • How much do you have saved for a down payment?

  • How much does your household earn?

  • What debts do you carry?

  • What is your credit score?


Familiarizing yourself with these components will help inform your decision on whether or not to wait. For example, taking the time to improve your credit scores before committing can save you from higher interest rates in terms of your monthly mortgage payments. Alternatively, many young homebuyers are compromising by living with family for a significant amount time to save up for a down payment. Getting this out of the way when you’re able to can help you get better loans to buy sooner than later in case interest rates end up increasing.

What kind of home is best for you?

Buying a home is a huge purchase and a big commitment. With shifts to digital and remote ways of working taking place in recent years, this has provided homebuyers with opportunities to be more flexible when buying homes. Homes in areas away from busy cities and urban hubs, for example, are considerably cheaper. This makes them a perfect option for buyers who work from home, or aren’t required to be present in the office on a consistent basis.

The lifestyle you expect to live is as much a factor to consider as money. Condos and townhouses offer lower maintenance costs in the long run, and are perfect for smaller households when compared to single-family homes. If the household grows, homebuyers looking for a side income can even invest in renting out purchased properties to passively earn back what they spent and look into bigger properties for family use.

What does the future look like?

In a previous post, we talked about the rising mortgage and interest rates. While the market may seem bleak or intimidating in its current condition, housing experts also believe factors such as supply have a high chance of returning to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2024. If you are financially able, buying now while others may be intimidated by the prices can give you an edge. Conversely, taking some time to get your finances in order can benefit you when it comes to securing better loans and lower interest rates.

Working with experts can help you make better decisions for the loans you need, making sure you don’t get trapped with high interest rates or hidden charges. The future of fintech suggests that big data is the future of loans, as more online lenders are now using algorithms, which predict potential defaults better than FICO scores do. Data is also leveraged precisely to identify customers who fit various products well — which can give you peace of mind, as an aspiring borrower. Here at City Lending for example, we find the right programs to fit your needs and profile, making sure you get some of the lowest down payments and interest rates along with a premium service.

And if you’re still unsure, it’s worth considering that waiting it out in the market’s current wild conditions could result in even higher interest rates in the future. At the end of the day, buying a house is ultimately a huge investment, which comes with benefits such as privacy and a financial investment that for the most part will weather most economic storms.

Find out if this is the right time for you to get a house by contacting one of our loan officers today.


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Written by Alicia Christopher

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