FHA 203K

New Home, New Me.

Do you want to change that rusty kitchen? Upgrade your bath or just rebuilt your living room? We know that you may not like some spaces of your new home at first, but we help you change that with our 203K Loan Program.

The FHA 203k Rehabilitation Loan Product is a mortgage loan insured by the Federal Housing Administration, or FHA. With this loan you can make home improvements on a new house, make simple upgrades like a kitchen or bath for a home you already own, or completely reconstruct an unlivable property. A 203k Rehabilitation loan can even be used to tear down an existing structure and rebuild using some portions of the existing foundation.

No Overlays: We will underwrite based on FHA Guidelines.

Flexible Rehabilitation: Close before home rehabilitation is complete and no mortgage payments until rehabilitation is complete.

Low Down Payment: 3.5% down payment for 640+ FICO, 10% down payment for 580+FICO.

High DTI OK: Max DTI of 55% for 640+ FICO. Only for primary residences.

FHA 203K 2


Become an architect

Decide what is changed or rebuild. Place here, move there, or add over there.

All unified

You will only have one mortgage. Loans made easier for you

FHA Insured

Low down payment, High Quality Renovations.

Our City Lending Inc Loan Officers are waiting for you!