FHA Cash-out

Need to pay college tuitions or want that brand new car? That´s not going to be an issue anymore. Did you know that you are able to take out extra cash out of your house? That´s why the cash-out refinance program is ideal for you. It gives you the opportunity to extract money of your property for personal use.

A FHA cash-out lets a borrower to replace their current mortgage with another mortgage, as well as get cash, if you have sufficient equity in your property. The money you receive from the cash-out transaction can be used for any purpose acceptable to the lender.

No Overlays: We underwrite based on DU guidelines.

No Tax Returns: Wage earners will only be required to provide 2 years W2’s and a paystub from the previous 20 days

Low Credit Scores: 640+ FICO

Max LTV: 80%

No Mortgage lates in the last 12 months

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Home Equity

Possibility to transform your Home Equity into cash!


Manage your finances with leisure.

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