Are you 62 or older and need some cash?
Do you know an elder or have a relative that owns a house and may have financial issues?

Our Reverse Mortgage might be the ONE! With our Program, City Lending Inc will give YOU money.
Just keep up with taxes and we will take care of the rest!

If you have limited cash flow or poor credit, our Reverse Loan Program gives you the opportunity
to access your home equity and receive cash from it if you don´t qualify for a regular loan. With
the reverse mortgage, City Lending Inc will pay you certain amount of money and as an owner, you
will still keep the title of the property, yet, you must be responsible of the maintenance and taxes
of the property.

Remains active and cannot be frozen or terminated as long as the borrower resides in the home

Insured by the FHA (Federal Housing Admin)

No due date as long as the borrower continues to pay for their property taxes, homeowner’s insurance and HOAs in a timely matter

The unused portion grows over time

No pre-payment penalty

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Reverse to go Forward

Make the best out of your days with City

Live Life

Don´t stress about the money. We will provide it.

Forever Young

Make the days count. Don’t count the days.

Start Living Now