One might say that welcoming new members to the team is kind of City Lending’s thing; since 2014, we’ve grown from ten employees to over 200. With unwavering dedication to our team members, to our clients, and to our investor relationships, it’s not hard to see why so many people have joined our mission to excel as a premier client-focused lender. We’ve been the right choice for many. Could City Lending be right for you too?

How do you feel about high compensation?

If you’re a person who knows how to get deals done, there’s a lot of money to be made. How much? That’s up to you; City Lending takes a set-your-own-compensation approach with the loan originators in our family, who earn anywhere from 75 to 225 base points (BPS) on the loans they manage. Just one sizable deal could mean a payday that’s equal to what other people may make in months while working at low-wage jobs. But it’s not easy money, and there’s no guarantee that every deal will pan out. A good loan originator will have the patience to weather inevitable setbacks and the tenacity to close deals no matter the obstacles.

Success With Exceptional Marketing Support

Marketing is key to the success of any loan originator, and City Lending is committed to maintaining the infrastructure to ensure this success by helping members of our team navigate the often-difficult marketing landscape. What current trends do originators need to be on top of? Where should they focus their energy for maximum returns? Answers to these questions and more aren’t simple — but you won’t be left to figure them out on your own.

Social media marketing is integral to both attracting new clients and maintaining contact with existing ones. From Facebook and Instagram to TikTok, YouTube and LinkedIn, different platforms cater to different demographics and a good loan originator should understand the dynamics of each. We can help you with that. And with our social media content generation, you can focus on closing deals rather than spending your time creating posts for social media. From videos for first-time homebuyers to helpful tips on refinancing and more, our in-house marketing team is ready with pro-level posts to make your social media presence shine.

But the marketing support doesn’t stop there. After social media, email marketing is an important tool in any loan officer’s toolbox. That’s why City Lending aids our team members with email campaigns and client-specific e-content — staying connected with clients through targeted messages for birthdays and milestones in homeownership doesn’t get much easier. Plus members of the City Lending team have access to tailor-made SMS campaigns, blog content, look-a-like campaigns, and more, leaving the content creation to our experts and allowing you to focus on targeted reports and generated leads with a concentration on making deals happen.

Reap the Benefits of Remote Work

Many of the positions with City Lending are remote, offering a range of benefits that enhance both work and personal lives. It’s a privilege many employees in today’s workforce don’t enjoy. What are some of the pluses of remote work? Well, say goodbye to that cumbersome commute that was draining precious hours from your week. And say hello to more time with family, friends, and even pets. Oftentimes, productivity goes up, and stress goes down when people telecommute.

If you’re wondering if you’re properly set up for working from home, here are some things to consider:

A Wide Range of In-House Assistance

Even if you accept a remote position with City Lending that allows you to work from home, you’ll stay connected with a truly amazing in-house support team. Processing, underwriting, maintaining an appraisal roster — it’s all done in-house. When you need to have content reviewed, you can always turn to our compliance team, which can offer turnarounds with evaluations and detailed feedback in under 48 hours.

Our dedicated team of on-staff loan assistants and processors are on hand to handle the considerable paperwork that lending often involves. So loan originators at City Lending aren’t bogged down by having to go through seemingly endless documents with fine-tooth combs, but rather are free to focus on the larger tasks of closing deals. Committed to 24-hour response time, the City Lending help desk is there to help structure loans, review loan scenarios, and field an array of questions from originators.

Not a techie? Not a problem! The tech support you can take advantage of at City Lending is there with a suite of cutting edge tools: connect with other players in the mortgage industry with the Optimal Blue digital marketplace; pull valuable data from tax documents and tally income worksheets with LoanBeam software; track the stages of a mortgage process with the SimpleNexus platform; and verify financial information with Birchwood services.

Are you looking for a challenging career with generous benefits? A place that embraces multiculturalism, inspires success, and understands the important balancing work-life and home life? If so, maybe you’d be interested in joining our family and experiencing the City Lending difference for yourself.