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Who we are

At City Lending Inc-West Palm Beach our core mission is to create experiences that matter while serving the home financing needs of individuals, families and communities where we live and work. Whether you are buying your first home, a new investment property, or building the home of your dreams.

We have learned that every scenario is very different and that is exactly how City Lending Inc - West Palm Beach treats each and every case that comes through our office. Is with that knowledge that we genuinely partner with our customers to find the absolute best solution. We educate our customers throughout the process and make the entire process as simple as possible by highlighting the most important aspects of the whole mortgage process.

Who we are

Our team is 100% committed to you. Your home is our priority; we are 24/7 available to solve all your questions and doubts. Our branch will permanently help you throughout all the processes of the acquisition of your property.

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